Five Day Training Course

Five-day course on advanced energy efficiency and the use of artificial intelligence in the Industrial and Energy Sectors

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Course Introduction

This advanced 5-day course on energy efficiency in the industrial and energy sectors is designed for established practitioners and others involved in the energy policy or governance. It will provide comprehensive and practical implementation of the fundamentals and advanced energy efficiency solutions based on international best practice and advanced technologies.

The course is will provide essential knowledge and skills to enable the participants to plan for the integration of advanced energy savings solutions into process upgrades and new production facilities.

This course will highlight

  1. The techniques that will allow you to assess your overall process energy performance
  2. Advances in industrial process systems for greater energy savings
  3. How artificial intelligence techniques can be used to uncover previously hidden energy savings, and provide for intelligent control and optimisation
  4. How to use waste heat, biomass and other sources to make electricity that will power your processes
  5. Use artificial intelligence techniques such as data mining to uncover the most critical variables affecting process operations – ideal for process engineers attempting to optimise industrial and renewable energy processes to reducing capital and running costs
  6. Get insights into how magnetic’s, cavitation hydrodynamics, and other advanced systems can save up to 80% of energy usage in some process areas but only a few engineers have ever heard of them
  7. How we can learn from the bird and the bees, ants and termites, and even the invasive weed to help solve complex process optimisation problems in energy systems
  8. How to reverse the curse of exergy and produce electrical power from process waste heat or and other waste streams
  9. How intelligent energy management systems will ensure the sustainability of energy savings and help solve the time-delay problems associated with existing manual only systems
  10. The importance of implementing energy efficiency maintenance criteria
  11. How to specify new processes and utility systems for energy efficiency

At the end of the course you will learn to:

  1. Determine the efficiency of your existing processes in relation to past performance and international best practice
  2. Integrate energy efficiency into new process and manufacturing plant design
    Understand the potential role of artificial intelligence in energy efficiency and optimisation
  3. Understand the potential role of artificial intelligence in energy efficiency and optimisation
  4. Introduce effective energy management procedures using existing protocols and data analysis techniques
  5. Incorporate energy efficiency design into new process and utility systems
  6. Incorporate renewable energy opportunities in key industrial process and utility systems

Training methodology

The presenter will use detailed presentations based on personal experience to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. Course material, group discussions, and where possible, the implications of the main learning points for the participant’s own organisations will also be included.

Organisational impact

Participants of this course will be provided with advanced knowledge, skills and tools to introduce more effective energy saving solutions to their industry. The methods include:

  1. Use of advanced process solutions based on process optimisation and process substitution
  2. Use of benchmarking and data analysis to determine your industry’s current baseline and potential for future energy savings
  3. How to complement your existing and new knowledge with artificial intelligence techniques to provide for greater energy savings and other process savings
  4. How artificial intelligence techniques can enhance existing energy management protocols
  5. How artificial intelligence techniques can provide for improved energy savings verification where existing techniques may fail

Personal impact

  1. The participant will gain a good understanding of best practice in process energy savings and key optimisation techniques and their applications in their industrial and energy sector in general.
  2. Knowledge of artificially intelligent applications will provide the participant with a distinct advantage and this differentiation will help provide a competitive edge for internal promotion
  3. The participant will have greater confidence and competence in his own work

A course for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit

  • Process and Plant Engineers
  • Energy and Facility Managers
  • Process Design Engineers
  • Factory Manager, CEO, CTO
  • Utility company Engineers
  • Power Plant Engineers
  • Renewable Energy Engineers
  • Equipment Designers and Suppliers
  • Energy Centre Managers and Engineers
  • Government energy efficiency Programme Manager
  • Energy Consultants

Speaker Profile

Mr. Gerard McNulty is a Senior Consultant with Clean Energy Products Ltd, specializing in energy efficiency in the industrial and energy sectors by using a combination of advanced process solutions, artificial intelligence and cutting edge technologies to identify an integrate energy solutions into existing and new build industrial processing and manufacturing plants.

Gerard McNulty B.A,.B.A.I., F.I.E.I International Sustainable Energy Expert, holds an honours degree in Engineering Science and a degree in Mathematical and Computer Sciences from Trinity College Dublin. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers of Ireland and an International Energy expert with 36 years of experience in industrial energy auditing covering hundreds of energy audits in all sectors of industry worldwide. Gerard has given talks on the topics of artificial intelligence, data mining and energy efficiency since 1997, in diverse places such as for example in Ireland, Bahrain, United Kingdom, Italy, Bahamas, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Malawi, and Gambia to list a few.

Gerard is also the pioneer and inventor of an artificial intelligent agent-based system that uses artificial intelligent systems for control of HVAC systems in large buildings. This system has been applied to buildings in Ireland and the UK and has provided an average saving of 20%.

Gerard has worked in many countries on various international assignments with donor organizations such as The World Bank, European Bank for Development and Reconstruction (EBRD), The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and as a specialist Thematic Expert on EU energy research projects associated with the 4th, 5th, and 6th Energy Research Programs. He has also worked as an Energy Expert associated with the Eurostars EU energy program and the Marie Curie Post “Fellowship Awards Program”. These projects featured leading edge technical innovations covering all areas of energy research and development such as high and low temperature heat recovery systems, innovation in renewable energy systems such as solar, wind and heat pump technology, materials and fluid mechanics.


Day One - Energy usage and energy efficiency determination

  • Energy conversion, sources and flows
  • Energy balance, energy losses and efficiency
  • Industrial Energy Benchmarking Methodology and Examples
  • Energy losses and efficiency (enthalpy and exergy) and environmental consequences
  • Artificial intelligence for the identification of energy efficiency in the industrial and energy sectors
  • Review and discussion

Day Two – Improving the efficiency of industrial processes using advanced system design concepts

  • System design concepts
  • Industry 4.0 and an example of its benefits in the industrial sector
  • Industrial Energy Benchmarking and Key Performance Indicators in Various Industrial sectors
  • Advanced Process design for energy efficiency
  • Advanced opportunities for process energy savings in key high energy intensities industries
  • Energy efficiency decision making in process design and optimisation
  • Industrial process optimisation using artificial intelligence techniques
  • Review and discussion

Day Three: Industrial Utility System and energy savings

  • Boiler and Steam Distribution Systems design and optimisation for energy efficiency
  • Industrial co-generation and power systems energy efficiency design and optimisation
  • Application of artificial intelligence in industrial utility energy savings
  • Renewable energy systems in the industrial sector
  • Specification of new processes and utility systems to ensure energy efficiency
  • Review and discussion

Day Four: Advanced Energy Management systems

  • Introduction to Industrial Energy Management and approaches
  • Assessing the organisation for Energy management implementation
  • Developing an energy policy and organisation structure and training
  • The business case for adopting and energy management system
  • Energy Monitoring, Targeting & Reporting
  • The use of artificial intelligence in complementing Energy Management Systems
  • Review and discussion

Day Five: Optimisation of process energy usage in high energy intensity industrial processes and power sector

  • Minimising process heating and cooling systems through process integrating
  • Reversing the curse of exergy to reduce imported process energy requirements
  • Advanced controls using artificial intelligent techniques in the industrial and energy sectors
  • Example of high energy savings projects in the industrial and power sectors
  • Review and discussion

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