Our Energy Saving Services for Industry


We provide an independent vendor neutral approach to your present and future energy needs, focusing on solutions that offer our customer both strategic and operational solutions in their ability to minimise their present and future energy costs while providing the additional benefits of increased production and product quality through a reduction in their process variability, which is the root cause of poor product quality.

We can offer these solutions due to our very unique services of Data Mining and process optimization using advanced Artificial Intelligence Industry 4.0 techniques to uncover patterns and relationships in your process data. The patterns that are discovered may provide insights as to the cause of poor operational practice, inefficient or damaged equipment or a previously unknown process influencing factor, that when combined with other factors causes operational disturbances from the normal steady state conditions.

Data Mining Services

We will analyze your data sets to uncover hidden patterns, rules and generate knowledge that will help you understand relationships that may be of interest in your efforts to be more efficient, more productive and reliable in your area of manufacture. Our data mining services will save you time and expense in purchasing and learning the techniques and avoid costly delays in implementing saving opportunities. The typical cost of this services is as low as €2,000.

Sending us your data is a great option to find potential energy saving measures in almost any industry quickly and cheaply.

We will meet and exceed your expectations. The entire process is easy.

  • Purchase an initial consultation and upload your data

The initial consultation includes a brief assessment of your data and processes for energy saving possibilities using data mining and artificial intelligence.  We will consult with you over email or Skype.  After checkout please  go to “My Account”  and enter your username and password (if you are not already logged in) then go to “Orders“, there you can upload your data to our server (accepted formats are zip,rar,csv,xls,xlsx). After your file upload is complete we will contact you to start the consultation.

After the initial consultation we will formulate a quotation based on your requirements

  • Your data will be processed through our data mining systems
  • Our Energy Experts will apply further analysis and processing of the data
  • Your comprehensive Report will be produced and sent to you (in digital, hard copy or both) which will contain a range of measures that will help you improve industrial energy efficiency
  • Further services such as our full energy audit with additional data gathering on site and subsequent data mining or our seminars will be available to you at discount prices.

In-House Training Seminar on Artificial Intelligence Techniques

As an alternative to our regular seminars, we can provide an in-house training seminar on the use of artificial intelligence techniques in your industrial sector to save on energy cost, improve production output by identifying production bottlenecks and other process related problems. We will attend your premises for a day to present our presentation. At the end of the day, your engineers will be ready to apply advanced artificial intelligence techniques to identify cost savings in your business. The cost of a one-day presentation is just €3000 excl VAT (if applicable) plus expenses. This will cover a seminar of up to 10 of your staff.

On-Site Survey of Systems that could Benefit from Data Mining Process Optimisation

Our one-day on-site survey will help you identify processes, utility plant and other systems that could benefit from data mining and other artificial intelligent techniques in your industry to save on energy and other operational costs. Typical cost are about €2,500 excluding VAT if applicable and expenses (estimated at €1,000 TO €1,500).

On-Site Energy Audit

We will provide you with a detailed specification and cost designed to suit your requirements. Cost are computed on total days on and off site required to complete the site work, the analyses of site work and producing a comprehensive report.

Ensure your Process and Utility Equipment can cope with the Environmental Extremes of Global Warming

Many industrial processes that exist today were designed many years ago, using design factors that are now well out of date. The effects of global warming at present imply s that we need to re-evaluate the original design of many of these systems right before it’s too late. We have studied this problem in detail and developed a risk assessment methodology that covers various industrial processes and utility plant scenarios. Don’t wait until it too late, avoid production losses and more, by acting now. The typical cost of these assessments is €5,000 to €30,000 depending on the industry size and location.

Some of our Other Services

  • On-site and off-site general training in industrial energy savings techniques and systems
  • Refrigeration systems energy optimization
  • Compressed air systems energy optimization
  • CHP and energy systems feasibility studies
  • Benchmarking of industrial processes
  • Worldwide energy audits and survey
  • ISO 50001 energy management systems design and implementation
  • Waste energy recovery energy optimization
  • Industrial least cost energy plans
  • Energy efficiency specification guidelines for new build industrial processes and utility systems

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